About TrueBites®


The evolution in snacking, finally has a name: TrueBites®!

The evolution in snacking, finally has a name: TrueBites®!

A fresh point of view in the snack category, that change the rules of the snack industry by combining indulgence with a healthy diet. A new variety of delicious nutri-snacks, that includes potato chips with protein.

The idea was born by a group of people that wanted to create a variety of healthy snacks on the go, with a unique composition, which consists of natural ingredients, that meet with the needs of the modern consumer, who seeks healthy diet options, with no compromising taste wise.

In this modern nutritional reality, it is known that:

-a non-balanced diet between meals, may cause obesity

-protein is important for human growth, cell regeneration and good health preservation, and in the same time gives energy and activates our metabolism

-fibres contribute to the blood sugar adjustment and the maintenance of a healthy weight, mainly because of the feeling of fullness and saturation that they give after consuming

-high sugar consumption can lead to: weight gain/ obesity, type T2 diabetes, dental decay

These are some of the reasons, there is an increasing demand for products that combine indulgence with a healthy diet.

TrueBites® offer all the important nutritional values, and at the same time, remains a truly delicious treat:

-Low sugars
-Source of fibre
-Source of proteins



Potato Chips with protein– 45gr. with only 100 calories peer portion
3 flavors: Salted / ΒΒQ & Paprika / Sour Cream & Onion
Source of high protein 
2 flavors suitable for vegans (Salted / ΒΒQ & Paprika)


TrueBites® potato chips won the bronze award for the Health Food Product of the Year in the Breakfast & Snack category, at the Healthy Diet Awards 2020.

So, TrueBites®, are not just a delicious snacks, they are a nutritious “life hack” that lead the way on how snacks should be developed and encourages you to follow a new, balanced way of life.

Take a bite and savor every moment, wherever you are, whatever you do, without regrets. TrueBites® are made for you and your needs and thanks to them the evolution in snacking is real! Just like you.


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